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New Royal Navy ship to protect ‘critical’ undersea cables


A new Royal Navy surveillance ship is to be built to protect “critical” undersea cables.British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned “the lights could go out” if national infrastructure was lost, and the cables were “incredibly important”.

He also told the media that Russia had “taken a deep interest” in the cables and the UK would be “deeply exposed” without further measures

Hundreds of thousands of miles of undersea cables circle the globe, providing internet and communications links between nations and continents.

They are vital to the global economy and communications between governments and are at risk of sabotage due to submarine warfare.

The new Multi Role Ocean Surveillance ship will be fitted “with advanced sensors and will carry a number of remotely operated and autonomous undersea drones which will collect data”.

The vessel, staffed by 15 people and due to come into service in 2024, will carry out operations in both UK and international waters.

Ross Moyo

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