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With every update of Whatsapp comes new features and with many applications like Twitter and Instagram supporting the dark mode feature, it is not a surprise that it is rumored the Whatsapp team are working on supporting the dark mode.

WhatsApp is working hard to support Dark Mode across both platforms, with numerous references to the new option surfacing in beta updates. The first nods to a Dark Mode appeared in September last year, so hopefully WhatsApp is well on track with the design tweak.

Other Facebook-owned apps, including Instagram, have already added support for the feature to their apps. So, fingers crossed we don’t have long to wait for WhatsApp to follow in their footsteps.

Apart from the Dark mode feature it seems there are other new features that are to come with the next update of the widely used application.
Some of these new features include ”disappearing messages”. It might sound like a bug, but as per sources, WhatsApp might be introducing disappearing texts into its app in the near future.The SnapChat-inspired new feature will let the sender set a time limit for the appearance of the text on the receiver’s app.

Whatsapp is also introducing a new feature with regards to the muted or hidden statuses option.Right now, the messaging app lets the users mute status updates if they don’t want to see it under their status bar.

However, it remains visible in the users’ feed at the bottom. The new update expects to bring a slight change in the feature, which will allow users to completely hide the status from the feed. If the user wants to view the hidden status in the feature, they can enable it with one-tap access.

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