NetOne: Zimbabwe's Fastest Growing Mobile Network

Statistics in the Sector Perfomance Report published by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe in the first quarterly report of 2016 revealed that NetOne is the fastest growing network in Zimbabwe.

This is shown by its 5.5% increase in active subscriptions which were 4 134 720 in the fourth quarter of 2015 and rose to 4 360 208 in the first quarter of 2016 with its competitors like Econet having an insignificant rise of 0.2% and Telecel accounting a massive decline.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

The increase in the networks growth is attributed to the intensity of promotions by NetOne with services like OneFusion bundles,social bundles and the dollar a day deal among others. The One Fusion bundles which offer an all round access to services have a 30 day validity,  and they include social media access,  as well as off net voice. The service is a fusion of many offers into one. hence consumers move to maximise their utility and cheaper rates especially with the social media bundles. 

This has prompted the immigration of many subscribers from their providers to NetOne leaving their subscriptions inactive while increasing NetOne subscriptions. This had everyone talking as the OneFusion bundle encompassed or fused a lot of bundles in one hence one did not have any reason to buy multiple bundles.

NetOne also managed to cater for all its subscribers to suit their particular needs. This is shown by the extra dollar that one would get after recharging with a dollar and one gets to talk with their loved ones till dawn and business people being also offered the One Fusion deal which comes with data,texts and minutes which will allow even online transactions. It also catered for the youngsters and social media fanatics with each cheap bundles of 0.87cents per week for Facebook and Whatsapp in comparison of Econet which charges 0.95 cents for the same social bundles.


This combo have proved to be a bargain not to miss as one does not have to then buy two different bundles but can simply opt for the combo and will obviously get a few more cents in change to call and also with the smses that come when you top up your credit.

NetOne also has a wide network coverage even in the remote areas where a majority of people are owners of NetOne lines. The Onewallet service is yet to gain much popularity as its competitors but it is an undeniable fact that NetOnes data bundles and bonuses have significantly contributed to its growth in subscriptions.

As the mobile network providers are in a bid to get more subscribers than the next we eagerly await the statistics of the next sector peformance report and see if NetOne will still hold take the cup as it has proved to be a rising force.

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