NetOne Weekly WhatsApp Bundles NO Longer Unlimited

State owned mobile network operator NetOne has begun capping its social media bundles a move that will likely ward off its customers.
NetOne removed the unlimited-ness of these social media bundles started last week.

The once unlimited WhatsApp weekly bundles are now capped at 80MB.

Netone’s weekly Whatsapp bundles

In the midst of the data pricing saga, many Econet followers  migrated to NetOne.

To be uniform and be like the other mobile network operators, NetOne has also introduced terms and conditions that limit access. .

It turns out  Econet’s weekly WhatsApp Bundles are capped at 90MB, with Telecel’s at 180MB.

Despite NetOne’s WhatsApp weekly bundles being capped with the least bandwidth, they remain the cheapest at 87cents


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