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NetOne Virtually launches Chiredzi Base Station



The Makahanani community members last weekend saw a dawn of a new era, as they received local mobile network coverage for the first time since time immemorial.  Located on the periphery of the Zimbabwe –Botswana border, the community members have been predominantly relying on foreign signals.

State Owned Mobile Telecommunications NetOne over the weekend embraced technological solutions to officially commission their Chiredzi , Makhanani based base station, which is located some 198 km away from the city centre.

The base station was virtually launched to delegates who had traveled as far as Harare, to Chiredzi with the initial  plan to physically visit the site, but due to rainy weather in the muddy stretch of the dust road,  it was impossible for the crew to proceed.

Against all odds, The launch was then however done over a video feed broadcasting to the delegates on an outdoor screen, featuring the actual base station from the site, with the assistance of a technical crew going through its various features, reach and technology implemented.

The base station is 100 % power panels solar panel, meaning it won’t need any Zesa power, coupled with some back u  batteries to store the current, the base station is set for maximum uptime for the community.

The Makhanani community for the first time since independence enjoyed connectivity from local service providers as they have been pre-dominantly disconnected of any local  mobile service providers since time immemorial,  relying on  foreign service providers  for connectivity marking dawn of a new era for the community.

The Botswana based mobile networks were the greatest beneficiaries of this anomaly as thousands were subscribing and using the neighboring country, loosing potential revenue for the various mobile networks.

The deputy minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services  Hon D Phuti  officially commissioned th base station on behalf of the ICT minister Hin Jenfan Muswere.

NetOne said they are targeting more than 100 more base stations as they seek to connect the unconnected  in  various rural and remote areas.

Potraz under the universal services fund USF is also commissioning various base stations and connecting thousands in areas that are perceived to be of no business interest by various operators


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