NetOne Tops Customer Service

If there is one thing that’s guaranteed, your call to NetOne customer service will always go through in the first seconds you attempt, of-course some have argued on the basis of subscriber base that they entertain double the number of customer queries and truth be told, they also have fewer problems to solve with their clients.

This is probably one thing we really like from NetOne, that bit on the customer responsiveness can only be equaled to Steward bank customer service hotline, and for that they deserve our cheers, with a cherry for this one.

Like the old saying goes, to whom much is given much is required, we really hope that one day mobile networks will allow their subscribers to reach them out, and should they capacitate on human resource, well this is job creation hence the cause is genuine, as millions, usually give up on that call especially after desperately holding for the other end, that never comes.

With the rise in usage of mobile telephone services in the Zimbabwe market, Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) commissioned the 2018 Consumer Satisfaction survey to identify service expectations, establish level of customer satisfaction, determine consumer satisfaction indices and generate recommendations to improve consumer satisfaction in the Postal, Telecommunication and Courier services sector.

All Mobile Network Operators were generally performing well on the network parameters such as network reception, network coverage and voice quality among household and corporate consumers.

The latest results from the Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report shows that NetOne came out on top in customer service.

As mobile penetration rate is quite high in the country, the main focus for service providers is to give consumers excellent customer services. During the survey consumers were given an opportunity to define excellent service in the mobile network industry.

Customer services was defined by the market for telecommunication services as network coverage, network quality and affordability of products and services.

NetOne took the overall leadership score of 5.59 out of a score of 7 for call success rate for Household consumers and for Corporates the score was 6.29 of 7. Whilst Econet and Telecel an average had call success rates of 5.46 for Households and 5.6 for corporates.

Customers highlighted NetOne timeously responds to faults and offered affordable products and services. The POTRAZ report revealed that NetOne had the lowest complaints incidences and of the complaints lodged 94% of household complaints were fully resolved and 100% of Corporate complaints were resolved.

The telecommunications giant should be doing something right as it did not only score positively in the POTRAZ Consumer satisfaction report, but in 2018 received numerous accolades from different stakeholders for offering the Best Customer Services in the mobile network business.

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