NetOne Set To Increase Data, SMS Price

Last week Zimbabweans woke up to price increases of Fuel, Bread and Toll gates, and the struggle is far from over, as Netone joins the bandwagon, setting the pace once more again for an inevitable price shift across the telecommunications sector.

In the next 7 days expect new prices increase wave, of course this will still be below the stipulated minimum rates by Potraz but the rates will likely be way too lower than the current data promos.

Technically it seems mobile networks are slowly killing the data promos, which they can, without consulting Potraz, and they will end up charging flat data rates out of the bundle which have a floor price of 15 cents per megabyte.

Netone hinted the price increase late Tuesday night on their Facebook page. As the post noted, that effectively, from Thursday 08 August 2019, the price of data and SMS would be increased.

NetOne said they will only be changing the social media bundles, pure data bundles and SMS bundles only while the Dollar a Day and Khuluma bundles remain the same for now.

Commenting on the price increase, an official who refused to be named, cited the rising cost of fuel due to the erratic electricity supply situation as a trigger for the latest price changes.

Bread, Electricity and Toll gates have had significant price increases in the last week.

On Friday ZERA increased the price of diesel by 24% from ZWL$7.29 per litre to ZWL$9.06 per litre directly affecting the running costs of business and industries, including Telecom companies who are now reliant on generators to keep their networks running.

Econet recently started to educate its customers on the spiralling costs its faces, and the challenges it is having due to the 18-hour load shedding environment through a campaign entitles, “What you feel, We feel it too.’

Econet indicated that it will require 2million litres of diesel to fuel at least 1 300 base stations countrywide that use diesel generator. The said the latest increase in the diesel prices will pile more misery on the Telecom companies by further increasing operating costs unless they adjust their tariffs.

Following Netone’s tariff increase, chances are Econet and Telecel are most likely to follow suit, for them to remain viable.

An urgent resolution to the power crisis needs to be found and if the Eskom deal is anything to go by, its immediate implementation is key before companies are forced to shut down, or drastically downsize and cause more unemployment.

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