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NetOne Says They Have Already Disbursed $10 million of Covid Safety Net

State Owned Mobile Operator, NetOne has received their first batch of the Covid 19 safety net and has already disbursed $10 million RTGS to bonified beneficiaries confided a source to TechnoMag.

“We have received our first batch from government, a total $10,038,577 has been disbursed via our One Money to the list of verified members we have, we have actually double checked our list and cleaned out ghost names against the registrar ‘s office” said the source.

The statement however contradicts what the social welfare minister Hon Larry Mavhima stated yesterday during a cabinet presser briefing, where he said government was still considering the move.

It seems the cabinet minister was not very sincere in his last night update as he told members of the media that the government is still considering the offer with an idea to increase the initial figure from $200 to $300 rtgs.

watch the video below.

Sources however at NetOne have indicated that they have received $10 million RTGS of the total $600 million and are expecting the next batch soon.

All mobile networks are expected to receive funds and spread them across their networks, using a rather queer methodology to determine the deserving recipients.

Many Zimbabweans who are living hand to mouth, consisting of 80% of the population running the informal sector have already shown interests in receiving these funds as they can no longer sustain under the pandemic.

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube however stated that they are going to be using an algorithm to determine mobile money usage trends to establish users can no longer sustain and are worst affected.

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