Netone `s $1 Now Leads the Pack

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Its all about the power of your $1 and Netone seems to understand this pretty well.

By recharging with only $1, NetOne gives back airtime bonus worth a whopping $13,80 although still limited on Net One to NetOne calls.

Your actual dollar however still gives across network calls at the prevailing rate.

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To add on top of that, NetOne also gives back an additional $138 worthof airtime of the following day.

The mobile competition scene has just gotten interesting as all the players up their game as mobile connectivity in Zimbabwe has just gotten to be the game of numbers.

NetOne`s dollar is currently the most valuable of all operators as it is giving a total of$152 worth airtime which is above 456 minutes free talk time.

This makes Netone the leading service provider in Intra-Network calls but not Inter-networking.

Technically Telecel ranks second with their promo on 200min free, although they are the only ones offering across network access which ranks them way above the other services on value.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe ranks 3rd and last with only 5.65minutes as it has recently joined the game of bonus, offering slightly above 100% per $1 paid with a simultaneous increase as the denomination rises.

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