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NetOne Rolls Out New Merchant Services

NetOne is rolling out Peer to Peer (P2P) merchant services for all informal and unbanked businesses across the country to transact via Zipit on OneMoney without using point of sale machines.

OneMoney’s Chief of mobile services Mhonda Sibanda said the service allows customers who are on any bank to Zipit from their bank into the merchant’s account whilst allowing merchants to move funds from their accounts to any other bank.

“Through this new innovation we realized the need to take care of our merchants, you find that OneMoney it has been confined to the big retail chain stores, and this has left the informal sector without a specific product tailor-made for their requirements,” he said

“The service which we refer to as P2P allows small merchants to get payments from any customer whether on OneMoney or not. It is more of a virtual point of sale device where there is no need to buy a point of sale machine because the P2P allows customers on any bank to Zipit into the merchant’s account while also allowing the merchant to move funds out of their wallet to their bank,”

One Money Zone commander for Harare Region, Shepherd Muyutu said the exercise is currently happening in all five zones outside Harare and he has urged all customers that wish to be connected to the P2P service to get hold of them on their toll-free numbers.

” If there are people out there who still want our services they can visit our shops or call on our toll-free call centre platform on either 123 or 121 to get more information on the product,” he said.

NetOne said the exercise is the culmination of the “#Crossover to the Orange network campaign” which has resulted in 16 500 agents and 7 000 merchants registering with NetOne.

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