Netone Reverse Data Fees Amidst Outcry


Telecommunications service provider, NetOne has reversed the data fees amidst the outcry by subscribers after their had increased internet data charges by 147%.

Netone reversed the data fees which were to became effective 2 September with One-Fi 10 gigabyte (GB) monthly package which previously cost $10 200 was pegged at $26200.00.

After the outcry by the subscribers, Netone One-Fi 10 GB now costs $10465.00.

The latest data review has terminated other bundle options which ranked from 8g, 15g and 25g in the past.

The promotional data bundles which has not gone up for a long time has been received with an uproar by subscribers, who were paying only $10 000 RTGS for the popular monthly bundle.

Economically hard pressed Zimbabweans had received the previous 147% increase with so much awe as the buying power is depreciating due to a none performing economy.

The development of increasing the internet fees by 147% had pushed cost of doing business up, inhibit growth of online transactions, while curtailing the spread of the virtual learning culture among Zimbabweans.

Social media was abuzz with internet users complaining over the latest tariff charges hike by the parastatal in which government has a 30% shareholding.

Comparing with other competitors , Econet 10GB cost $9,181 and the new fee is now affordable as compared to the reserved fee which amounted to $35 United States Dollars if one converts it into USD.

Mobile Network Operators have however argued that the current rates they are operating on are not profitable amidst serious inflationary pressure, which have eroded the buying power of the RTGS, when a bulk of their operational expenses are being charged in foreign currency.

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