#MondayBlues: NetOne Resigns Top Managers

Netone, has resigned 10 top managers, who have been on fixed contract, and more are expected to take the early retirement option which the old guard fear is a cleanup exercise.

Speaking to TechnoMag, a source said they feared that NetOne is sweeping all the old top managers who have been on fixed contracts by forcing them to resign as it makes way for new blood, which will now all be on contract basis.

“We received a letter which told us to accept an early retirement package option or may face contract termination, we feel this is a measure targeted at cutting our benefits prematurely as they create space for their desired new blood. ” said a source

Some managers, zone commanders and senior employees have accepted the option while others are now mulling legal action, #MondayBlues Understands.

NetOne CEO Mr Brian Mutandiro has however denied the fact, as misconstrued, saying no one is getting fired, but this is only an offer for voluntary resigning and there was no ultimatum sent to non-takers.

“No one has been asked to resign on the basis that they are considered to be from the old guard, this is an alignment of all contracts for management from ever green to three year renewable contracts is best practice in the industry and does not discriminate against any particular group of employees .”

NetOne is worried about fixed employees who have turned to be more relaxed and not achieving results but simply sitting on positions while getting salaries insisting they now need to achieve their set targets.

NetOne argued that even all the new executives are under three-year contracts, so why should the old guard be an exception.

All senior NetOne executives are now on renewable 3-year contracts, for Result Based Management RBM,

“The company also offered a voluntary retrenchment package which has been voluntarily taken up by some employees, Any rumors to the contrary is fake news. “

NetOne said the exit package offer is actually a healthy package, as they are not getting fired under the infamous three months notice, but normal early retirement package.

However, another senior executive hinted that those who are worried, should as they know that their days are numbered as non-performers.

NetOne executive stated that this is simply a new system they are introducing under Performance-Based Contracts. (PBC) as they need to measure the results and performance against targets.

NetOne has moved away from the traditional parastatal way of running the enterprise towards profit making standards like their counterparts in the private sector.

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