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NetOne Pushes Payment Monthly Limits to $400 000


One Money  a mobile payment  service under NetOne  has  announced that their  subscribers can now push their total bill payments limits to $400 000  per month while the monthly total limit to send payments has  been nudged  to $280 000.

The send money, wallet to bank and Zipit total limit transaction will come  up to a total of $280 000 monthly limits, which allows subscribers to do so much more from the One Money wallet

On the payments  side the total for bill payments, merchant pay, card transactions and airtime purchase has a total value of $400 000,  a huge figure  which subscribers can easily use to settle various transactions.

The increase would mean that customers would be able to buy more.If you are now paying for school fees, buy home groceries it means you are now able to pay more.This winter customers will be able to buy more and One Money subscribers are able to buy more in anything. The capacity to buy more has been increased.You can even pay more for their medicals.If you have your card or are on the One Wallet Mobile platform, it means now you can buy more.

What you need is the One money card.Just as you maximize from the One Money Card, you can also maximize to buy and be able to spend more using the mobile platform which is, *111# and also use the transact via mobile platform.The issue is now you can do more out of your wallet.

Subscribers certainly should appreciate such regulatory increase so that they can be done from time to time in line with Economic market developments.


In a statement NetOne announced

We would like to advise you of the changes in the OneMoney transaction limits from Weekly to Monthly.

Pay Merchant , Wallet on POS, Card Transactions, Bill Payments and Airtime purchases limit per transaction will remain at ZWL $50 000 with a maximum limit of ZWL $400 000 per month.


Send Money, ZIPIT to Bank and Mobile Money wallets, Wallet to Bank limit per transaction remain at ZWL $10 000 with a maximum limit of ZWL $280 000 per month.


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