NetOne Pokes Econet

It seems NetOne is enjoying its place in the sun a bit more than others following the recent migration of Econet customers to the network as the former went on a rampage against the latter.
The state owned mobile network operator starts the February month on an onslaught against its competitor Econet.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

In a brand attack mode, NetOne’s One Fusion takes head on Econet’s Buddie.

“If your buddies are not on One Fusion, they are not your real buddies,”reads part of the ad.

“After all what real friend would not want you to enjoy upto 4688 on NetOne to NetOne calls, 1563 minutes to call other networks, 140 international minutes, 750 SMSs, 18GB data, and monster WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter Bundles,” said NetOne.

One Fusion Ad

Last year, NetOne unveiled their fresh new brand,OneFusion bundling up all the benefits a SIM card can give you including voice, data and SMS. More importantly is the unlimited bundles for social network starting from $10.

The new shift is a total migration of policy from NetOne which traditionally has been perceived as a Network for those in late 50s going onwards who specifically do not care or need any modern based technology services.

ZOL always ran campaigns, mobilizing the citizens that it is high time they switch from slow Internet links provided via Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Lines which tend to be TelOne’s main trademark in the Internet service provision market.

TelOne then decided to diplomatically retaliate by running a campaign under the motto “More Zimbabweans Online Love TelOne, Thats why they won’t stop talking about us!

ZOL were the first to erect a billboard running ad Ad campaign clearly digging into TelOne with the message “ Are you Disgruntled with Slow Links? Hope onto ZOL Fibroniks Lite“. This was Team ZOL clearly firing shots to their rival that their technology is outdated and has been outpaced by the latest fiber optic broadband technologies which they offer under their ZOL fibroniks packages.


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