NetOne Opens One Stop Shop at Mbudzi

Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network provider NetOne  today opened a One-stop shop at Mbudzi Bus Terminus Shopping Mall to better serve its customers in surrounding areas.

This shop comes in the nick of time to save customers time and money as they no longer have to travel far and wide to access NetOne services, according to the company’s Distribution Head Ellen Muchemwa.

“We identified there was a distribution gap in this area. We’ve got a shop in Machipisa and other ones in towns so, people from waterfalls, and surrounding areas travel to town or Machipisa to get NetOne services even to replace a line,” she told TechnoMag at the Mbudzi shop.

She added that they realized the need to augment the base station with the shop.

Because of that gap, we saw it fit to open a NetOne shop so that we service our NetOne customers from Hopley, Waterfalls, Southlea Park.,” she said.

With this move the company expands its distribution footprint across the nation.

Inside the Mbudzi NetOne shop

“We also want to enhance their customer experience. And also enhance our distribution footprint and ensure that our services or products are always available. That’s why we opened this shop in Mbudzi area,” she said.

Muchemwa also said they intend to roll out more shops in the city and across the nation. The company travels to Mberengwa to set up another one.

“The Mbare shop will be open next year. For this year we will be officially opening another shop in Mberengwa that’s next week.  So, we will be in Mberengwa. We’ve got a base station in Mberengwa and its one of the best station with high traffic. The same applies to Boka as well, it carries high traffic. But we didn’t have a shop. So, we identified those gaps we are now closing them,” she said.

Popularly known as Mbudzi, the area bustles with so much activity as cross border people board their buses there when travelling to South Africa. Further, there is the Boka Tobacco Action Floor where tobacco farmers sell their produce.

Take a lot at the pictures from the opening of the NetOne Shop at Mbudzi on our Facebook Page.

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