#MondayBlues: NetOne Should Not Relaunch The Dead One Wallet.

NetOne,  recently announced their action packed resuscitation strategy that has potential to bring them to the top in not more than 2yrs, announced the acting CEO Brain Mutandiro during the recently held Zimbabwe International trade Fair, and one such strategy is the mobile money service, little known as One Wallet.

#MondayBues has learnt that the state owned mobile network is mulling another relaunch of One Wallet, apparently this is the same move which the suspended CEO, Reward Kangai and Suspended minister we will never miss Webster Shamu  tried to do while launching One Wallet, and the mega plane did not even last on the run way.

By Sting

NetOne is soon  going to be relaunching, the already relaunched, mobile money and information has it that it will still carry the same name “One Wallet”  which we strongly think it`s a serious marketing mistake which will not help their brand.

To anyone who really cared and was disappointed, One Wallet did not make it as expected and it takes serious efforts and too much confidence to try and resurrect Lazarus again especially when both his sisters are no longer worried about the dead and buried.

NetOne will face a bigger challenge trying to convince Zimbabwe that launching with the same brand will give it a new lease of life as the general public has lost confidence in the product, which initially was the first mobile money service ever to be introduced in Zimbabwe.

Simply giving it a new name may mean new confidence and this gives the brand the new energy and confidence they really need now more than anything else.

However, sticking to the old name still has its own benefits like maintaining the brand identity and hopefully colour and logo to make it easier for the market identification, and it’s this balance that has to be striken .


On  the 15th of  March 2011, NetOne partnered Gelmato`s LinqUs solution for Mobile Money Transfer, which comprises of the server, user application, as well as system integration services. The offer, was being marketed as the OneWallet service working on 100% of the handsets.

The SIM based service however had its own limitations which asked subscribers to switch their mobile lines for new ones just to get the service, a move which was greatly resisted and saw very few subscribers willing to go through the process only to send money to few agents sprouted across town.

The success of mobile money rests mainly on the availability of agents since its nothing but a game of convenience and affordability.

This we hope the new NetOne executive will perfectly Solve otherwise the new one wallet relaunch will also become a nonety if such basics are not well taken care of prior to the launch.

The current One Wallet can only be defined as smart but stupid strategy, and more can be done to it so that it finaly moves from the meager $1000.00 profit it recorded against an advance payment of $600 000.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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