Netone Making A summersault comeback

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

With all the current noise of promos after promos, the state run enterprise, Netone has finally made a serious summersault comeback and this time, they have made their once unaffordable data bundles much more attractive.

Netone is now the cheapest!

Yes, they have scored a first by making their data bundle packages the cheapest ever against their competitors.

Under their current pricing, charging on bundles, the Netone bundle now costs $0.07 per MB with Econet doubling that charging $.015 while Telecel is souring at $0.054 per megabyte.

netone bundle

Netone has gone a step further in selling separate recharge cards which are purely for bundles, instead of first buying airtime top up cards then convert a desired  amount to data bundles.

This is the move that we have been long waiting for as Netone had previously been slagging and ranking the most expensive on broadband and had also joined last, in the voice calls promos.

Their promotion on voice has also been impressive with their dollar a day reloaded promo where $1 airtime gives you 1hr more of free unlimited calls and $5 gives you 5hrs talk time free.

Netone Promo


This however comes locked only to Netone subscribers, a move which Keeps Telecel Zimbabwe on top of the notch.

On data bundles, Africom an ISP pushing VoIP based service is still the cheapest technology player In Zimbabwe.

Netone is currently the 3rd largest mobile operator in Zimbabwe by subscriber base.




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