"NetOne Licence Up To Date" Mutandiro


Netone Chief Executive Officer Mr Brian Mutandiro says they are up to date in terms of their license fee obligations as they abide to their payment plan, contrary to reports that the Mobile Network Operator is not paying a dime.  
Speaking to TechnoMag, Mutandiro said they were a law-abiding firm and were working tirelessly to ensure they stay up to date with their licensing requirements.
I can assure you and our subscribers that we are a good corporate citizen, paying all our dues. We are up to date in terms of our payment plan and everything is above board.
“POTRAZ is the regulator and as far as we are concerned, we are where we should be in terms of our license. Indeed we have got a lot of catching up to do but it’s nothing to worry about,” said Mutandiro.
He added that they were also compliant in terms of meeting their statutory obligations with almost every regulator in the country including ZIMRA among others.
Mutandiro however said he could not shed more light as to how much has been paid so far towards the license as these were discussions between them and POTRAZ.
There were complaints amongst experts and the sector at large, with many indicating that there was selective application of the law in the telecommunications sector with government exhibiting favoritism towards NetOne, an allegation Mutandiro vehemently refutes.
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe their competitor at one time was asked to make a full payment towards the last general election, an amount which largely the government used to bankroll the election.

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