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Netone Launches Web Based Online Gaming, Offers Rewards


NetOne has launched an online gaming facility targeting users inside and outside their network, as they toggle around their value proposition.

From as little as $20rtgs per day , subscribers can go online and play the various games via this url

To add A little cherry on the topping, NetOne is giving awards rewards to clients, motivating many users to jump along and earn as they play.

To add more value to their network, they require a NetOne subscriber to use their number as part of registration, but however once registered, one can use whatever device to enjoy the game.

The game access however is just an online game, which means it’s mainly targeting entry to mid-level gamers , who are not graphic crazy or demand clarity and high end effects.

NetOne have had the inclusivity idea on their mind to allow anyone with a smartphone to be able to play the online games without any hardware limitation.

However while this is a huge plus for masses on their network, it may never excite real gamers who are already upgrading their graphic cards and ram in search for near real effects.

The game could have been bigger and better with real time online challenge, where users can compete in real time , hence creating an interesting sense of competition, from a local market.

This move will make the game huge as many more users would always want to be on top in their various geographical areas and even better off , if a final grand challenge match can be done, physically, somewhere locally, allowing participants to converge and witness the crowning of the best of the best.

Ultimately it’s all in the game and as they say let the game begins.

Addressing Journalists during the media launch , Mr Shoko noted that they are working on introducing the app based version which will have heavy features and interesting user experience.

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