Netone Introducing Bigger Facebook, Whatsapp Bundles


Yesterday, we caught up with the Managing Director of Netone, Mr Reward Kangai , in an exclusive video interview where we sought much information about their silence on Value Added Services like WhatsApp, Facebook bundles, the current network problems for the whole month and their recent offer of $218 million loan.

Netone is the only mobile network in Zimbabwe  which has not been active on the market as far as Value added services on data bundles. we were worried whether they  are not even concerned about their absence on the market or its a case of them being unable to even offer the services.

As the state owned mobile network, people had already given up on their expectations, as most state owned institutions rather take a comfortable seat way behind their competitors.

The full interview transcript is live here too.

While discussing all these issues, the Managing Director announced that Netone was now ready to offer the nation the much demanded bundles as they have been working on some requisites before launching the products.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito 

“Our Current system was commissioned years ago, we have to first change it so that it allows such data based services to be charged especially for our post paid customers, and then we finally roll out the data based services.

Facebook bundles are now ready awaiting dispatching, we are also working on something very exciting on WhatsApp bundles but I will not divulge any further details concerning that matter”

When pushed to comment further on the actual dates we should expect the move to be implemented, Mr Kangai said that they have a local company optimizing their data system which should be done by November and anytime from that period Zimbabweans on their network will soon enjoy the benefits too.

“These bundles are going to be much more exciting than what the market is already offering, we do not want to talk much, lest we let the cat out of the bag but first we need to make sure that all our base stations first have 3G connectivity then we officially unveil these services”

Pressed again on how different these will be from what we already have, the MD declined to further comment, only promising that work on the background is almost complete, setting them up towards the exciting moments.



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