NetOne Has the Best Voice Package and They Jus Dont Know `bout It


NetOne has the best voice based product in Zimbabwe, calling across network, and it seems both Zimbabwean consumers, and the NetOne marketing team itself have no idea of this product  or the weight it carries thereof.

After serious nationwide data  cuts across networks, TechnoMag had a strong opinion that it is now cheaper to make voice calls than to buy data for communication in Zimbabwe. Where it really matters the most, Zimbabweans can actually extract more dollar value from a phone call that sending data packets to convey messages

However , when we were doing a quick comparisons across all mobile networks, it was interesting to note that NetOne has  product called Khuluma 24/7, a voice based product which we honestly have heard about for months now  and never cared to understand its offers and it seems NetOne team has failed to brand this product with right armor it deserves.

The best ever voice product before tariff changed was an Econet based voice package coined bundles of joy which  basically gave subscribers a whooping 10 minutes per every dollar, however it was not so generous if one decided to have more of these joy bundles.

The Khuluma 24/7 Voice bundle offers 3 minutes for $0.50, and a dollar gets you 8 minutes, 18 minutes for $2 , $3 for 28 minutes and $5 for 50 minutes. These bundles are cheap in the sense that, they do not confine users only to call within their network only across other networks.

The beauty of Khuluma 24/7 is in its strength to cut across all networks, meaning one can get this value even when calling outside the network, which makes it even more versatile than all the current voice promos we have

On the other hand the dollar with the dollar a day call bundles subscribers are awarded 10 voice on-net minutes with an additional 50 SMSs.

One would wonder why such a producft is not popular and especially in these times when data bundles have become so expe3ensive.

Ofcourse for the Khuluma 24/7 which has been there for a long time, it could not be as visible mainly because it was overshadowed by the popular One fusion, Which of-course is now going through its death cycle.

Like the One Wifi, One Fusion’s death is inevitable, product pricing over affordability will see a lot of these products going six feet, unless of-course a miracle happens, the elephant in the room called bond notes will continue to shrink the space for any innovation.

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