Netone Goes for 14cents Across Network

Netone has announced that they have slashed their tariffs to 14cent per minute across all networks, being their first ever move to aggressive campaign outside their network boundaries.
Famed for their dollar per day promotion, Netone has managed to retain their subscribers and attracted some to crossover pushing their subscriber base to a current new of 2.7million.
By Toneo Tondrai Rutsito
Speaking to the marketing director of Netone, Mrs Memory Ndoro, She said that they have introduced a promotion for the next 3 months that will see their subscribers calling across network at only 14 cents.
“This is our way to appreciate our subscribers for their unwavering support, we have introduced a new tariff for the promotion which is set to last for the next three months, we understand we have not been offering much across networks and this is just our way to appreciate our subscribers from the 23cents to 14cents per minute” said Mrs Ndoro.

Besides the across Network benefits, Netone is also continuing with their Intra call benefits for their subscribers and the promotional bundle services.
“ we are already expanding service coverage for our clients and are currently installing new base stations for wider national coverage” she added.
Netone`s across all network tariff however faces heavy competition from the Telecel who are already offering an average of 13cents on the Telecel go and 10 minutes for a dollar, Econet was also offering almost the same before they aborted the promotion promptly.

The 14 cents will also be applicable on for their recently introduced chatter box systems, their public fixed phones.

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