NetOne Fraudster At Large, Police On A Man Hunt.


Early June this year, the Managing Director of NetOne, Mr Reward Kangai had an exclusive interview with TechnoMag  Editor In Chief, where the NetOne boss unearthed fraudulent activities milking the entity of millions of dollars with some rogue elements in the legal systems creating loopholes for the criminals.

Now it appears they have done their investigations well and successfully as detectives are now on a man hunt for the fingered culprit. The accused man is at large as police are looking for his whereabouts through various news mediums.

By Tongai Mwenje

In the interview, Mr Reward Kangai said NetOne has managed to identify criminal activities which have been going on unnoticed by some of its management and disappointed at the way the law enforcers were lenient to some of the criminals allowing them to regain freedom, a case that may be tied to mass corruption.

In November 2012, NetOne hired BCA Forensic Audit Services to carry out some audit within their organisation in which they compiled a confidential report revealing that NetOne Bulawayo Region had been defrauded on various occasions. Several employees were implicated in the crime, and among them Wellington Dodzo, a regional sales representative.

Wellington Dodzo, according to reports, committed numerous breaches of the law against NetOne in Bulawayo. The outstanding amount from stock account arose from USD190 205 on 31 October 2011 up to USD852 796 as at 31 July 2012 the audit highlighted.

He had several controversial issues with regards to the handling of funds from airtime dealers and vendors, a report revealed that time said, “He was in the practice of collecting cash from dealers and vendors without issuing receipts, and would not remit some of the cash to the NetOne offices.”

Wellington Dodzo is wanted by the police in connection with a case of theft involving US$465 148.00. Circumstances of the matter are that from the period extending from October 2011 and July 2012, he was entrusted with airtime recharge cards for sale to dealers on behalf of NetOne. The suspect sold the recharge cards and converted the proceeds to his own use.

The case has been reported to Harare Central Police Station under Case Record (CR) 460/10/12 and CID Serious Fraud Squad DR 7/11/12.To prove the high magnitude of the case, a $10 000 carrot has been dangled to anyone with information leading to the of the wanted. Officially Wellington Dodzo is now on the wanted the list and the message has been passed on through various news mediums.

From the Jason Moyo shop in Bulawayo, Dodzo took recharge cards for distribution to dealers and vendors worth USD465 148. The recharge cards he took from the shop could not be accounted for, a source said, “Mr Dodzo cannot account for the stock.

He created fraudulent documents to try and camouflage the stock shortages.” Now it seems the law has taken its toll and detectives are on his case. The government parastatal has surrendered the case to the police, and it’s now under the hands of the responsible authorities.

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