NetOne feasting on Econet Debacle


With Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s blunder of initially scrapping their popular daily data bundles, this move chased away a huge chunk of its subscribers to the state owned mobile network operator NetOne.

They say one man’s mishap is another man’s fortune aptly fitting the fiasco Econet created for the benefit of their competitor.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Even though Econet has reconsidered its initial position to bring back the data bundles, now is the time for  NetOne to fully capitalise on that exodus. NetOne should take advantage of the free positive publicity and campaigns it gained from the public on social media where people divorced Econet.

In a survey, TechnoMag found out that Econet customers where migrating to NetOne mostly for its on-fire One Fusion bundles.

A NetOne convert  with the name Trust who spoke to TechnoMag said, “You know Econet made a huge blunder of cutting the Daily data bundles and raising their tariffs. With their move Im just coming out of a NetOne Shop to buy a NetOne sim card. Im also considering buying their One Fusion Bundle which they talk about. “

Assuming that this reporter coincidentally wearing a NetOne T Shirt was a NetOne agent, he asked how to configure internet settings.

“Nhai MaSettings eNetOne anoiswa sei? Ndinoda kubvisa line reEconet muphone umu ndiise reNetOne(Loosely translated to: How do I configure internet settings for NetOne, I want to remove this eEconet Line in my phone replacing it with this NetOne line.),” he said.

“These Bundles are becoming hard to get in ZImbabwe. Its now a matter of doing what you can afford. Run wuth your money to NetOne, Econet’s pricing is far expensive. You will die for nothing with Econet. I just came here to to tell you that. Im using NetOne’s One Fusion $10 bundle  with unlimited social media bundles,” he said.

Divorcing Econet


Watch video here

BuStop TV boss Lucky Aaroni on his facebook timeline posted a photos of his switch to NetOne.




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