NetOne Did It Wrong & Right During Mugabe's Burial.


Have you ever noticed that week in and out, we have something topical to talk about as Zimbabweans, from cyclone Idai, national soccer team, the Gems, water problems, Zesa issues, Xenophobia, Stay aways, Demos, council vendor riots and of course former late President Robert Mugabe who trended the last past weeks.

It’s like there is an office somewhere, designing these issues, like a conspiracy, they just keep us all busy, week in and out till we finish the year, anyway that’s not the point of my writing, lest I get carried away, let me drive your attention to the week that Mugabe trended.

For most of you who managed to watch the developments worldwide that we were broadcasting, we were equally impressed and shocked at the world-class quality broadcast that we delivered during Mugabe’s funeral,yes! as TechMag.TV we do have the world-class equipment, but there is an end that we do not control, which is the Network!

NetOne gave us a super cool experience, with flawless connectivity all the way from the airport and of course the 1 commando view where Mugabe’s body passed through as tradition.

This video saw more than 300 000 viewers joining us live as we connected the world to Zimbabwe, Mugabe ‘s funeral has and had strong interests and someone had to provide a strong, resilient and reliable feed. This time around NetOne did the magic.

If your memory saves you well, Econet did a crappy job during Tsvangirai’s burial, sorry for the frankness and sharp tongue, but thats exactly what they did, ofcourse they then consoled us on the memorial day with their mobile base station, we give it up to them.

Our worst experience during Mugabe’s funeral was the same night his body was flown into Zimbabwe. All mobile networks were creepy slow and NetOne actually has a base station at the Mugabe’s residence, but day one was disappointing.

We complained about this to NetOne and yes trust me the next following days they pulled uo their socks, network from blue roof was superb and we managed to broadcast the address by Mugabe’s family to President Mnangagwa, and ofcourse his formal condolence message to the family, the video below was proudly powered by the NetOne network, after they attended to our complaint

The biggest day to every broadcaster in Zimbabwe was the national sports Stadium, where Zimbabwe was hosting 21 international leaders comprised of 11 sitting heads of state who had attended the state funeral.

We usually have all networks just in case but on this day only Netone rose up to the occasion. National Sports Stadium gets crowded and anyone else who dared to go live was using NetOne data, the other players were simply unreachable and this is not the first time, I dont know why MNOs cant rise to the occasion when thousands gather in Zimbabwe.

TechMagTV had a flawless broadcast, connecting Zimbabwe to the world from the national sports stadium through flawless connectivity powered by NetOne data.

This is a pure back to basics strategy that is working, where we only expect a functional network that does the basics and connects Zimbabwe who simply need fast connectivity to do their job.

Well done to the NetOne team for doing this splendid job, keep the base stations up , keep them on, keep them running and keep it real 4G.

This is all we need nothing more nothing less !

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