NetOne Data Bundles Banned, Who is next?

NetOne has become the first mobile network to terminate its popular 48hrs data bundles, as it complies to a government directive to end cheap tariff promotions, which the national telecommunication regulator, Potraz is directing.


Recently all the mobile networks in Zimbabwe have terminated all the voice promotions, and the explanation form Potraz could just not hold any water causing many to confirm the speculation that government is worried about information exchange in a politically sensitive environment.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

NetOne has with immediate effect, terminated its 48hrs data bundles, which used to offer a whopping 270mb for a dollar over two straight days, and it seems they are only heeding to the calls of the regulator.

It is also not clear as well for how long they will run their popular whatsapp bundles, which are still the most affordable, at only 87cents the whole week, as government continues to terminate all promotions.

The effects will however be felt directly to all operators, as millions to date will no longer afford the standard phone call rates of 13cents per minute and $1 for a paltry 17mb of data.


Econet and Telecel still have their data and Whatsapp bundles going, but it seems their days are numbered as well, as Potraz will not be renewing these promotions once they hit their shelf life.








World wide Zimbabwe has been recorded to be fastest growing mobile penetration country at 103.5% and our data connectivity has been seriously rising as well, a move which directly drives the county’s GDP.

Unfortunately the government, will have to destroy all these positives for a political face, a move which in the long term is detrimental should they not quickly revise it as it collapses the sector.


Today in Zimbabwe, the telecoms sector had become the largest tax paying sector, and killing the promotions is akin to braai the goose that is laying the golden eggs.




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