NetOne commissions 3G base station in the Chiweshe rural district

NetOne Cellular, Zimbabwe’s state owned mobile network operator has today commissioned a 3G Base Station in the remote district of Chiweshe in Mashonaland Central, a historic achievement which is set to transform the livelihoods of thousands in that area.

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

The newly commissioned base station will be broadcasting 3G network coverage to a radius of 60km around Chiweshe, giving the residents access to NetOne’s superior services like OneMusic, OneWallet, Data Bundles for Internet surfing, Voice Calls and Promotions.

The event was officiated by the NetOne Chief Technical Officer – Engineer Darlington Gutu who assumed the role of acting CEO in the absence of Mr Brian Mutandiro and his NetOne crew, Acting Director – Mr Newman Nhamhuri, representative from the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services in the absence of Honorable Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, the Provincial Minister’s representatives of Mash Central in the absence of Ambassador Martin Dinha, the Chief of the Chiweshe rural district and thousands of residents who turned up for the commissioning of a very powerful technological legacy in their land.

netone1 - Chiweshe

All smiles as NetOne brands Bare Primary School kids with new sports wear during the base station commissioning ceremony

The launch of the base station is part of NetOne’s countrywide network upgrade to provide fast broadband coverage to its subscribers. The Chiweshe base station commissioning is part of NetOne’s vision to stimulate economic growth and financial inclusion in each community, running under their motto ” IGNITING MBIRI YEDU TRAIL”. The mobile network operator has come out all guns blazing in expanding its 3G mobile network which now focusses on ushering fast internet connectivity to rural areas since the ICTs are now driving the rhythm of many livelihoods in every corner of the country.

Talking to the NetOne Chief Technical Officer – Engineer Darlington Gutu, he said the erection of the new base station in Chiweshe means the agricultural community will experience the benefits of having fast Internet connectivity, giving them access to real time agricultural information such as weather reports, pricing of agricultural produce on global markets and mostly future planning for the next farming seasons.

He went on to add that the latest base station commissioning is also set to transform the way students access learning resources with now fast Internet available at their finger tips. “Kids from the rural areas can now access online books, news and latest technologies at the same time with kids in the urban cities, levelling the opportunities of information access to these young peer groups”

netone2 - Chiweshe

Thousands of Chiweshe residents gather at Bare Primary School to witness the commissioning of NetOne’s 3G Base Station

Engineer Gutu went on to pacify NetOne’s ambitions to connect Zimbabwe’s rural communities on their fast 3G broadband, saying it is part of NetOne’s goal to help the government in the provision of easy access to information to every citizen and to boost economic growth through the provision of adequate Information and Communication Technologies.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr Newman Nyamhuri from the Ministry of ICT said it was indeed a historic event to witness the commissioning of such a life changing legacy to the people of Chiweshe. He added that the events of today were a fulfillment of the long cherished wish by His Excellence the President Cde R. G. Mugabe to bring ICT gadgets to schools and other institutes. “It is now gratifying to note that progressive organizations like NetOne are emulating this vision by following suit as evidenced by the new base station commissioning here in Chiweshe”

NetOne began its 3G remote network commissioning countrywide with the first event being held in Nyanga South last month followed by Mutoko, Hurungwe, now Chiweshe with Chiredzi lined up next this coming weekend.

They have promised to bring you a World in One and the fruits of their work are saying it all !!

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