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NetOne bundles tariffs shoot by more than 100%


State owned telecommunications company, NetOne, which apparently has been experiencing never-ending boardroom squabbles has shockingly increased bundle prices by more than 100%.

The latest increase comes at a time the local telecommunications companies were given the green light to charge their services in line with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s prevailing auction foreign currency rates.

The current foreign currency auction rate stands at 80.

Following the announcement of bundles prices review, the company’s customers woke up to a shocking increase.

Popular social media bundles, notably WhatsApp, which used to be $60 for a monthly 300mb now costs $150.

The company’s most loved data bundle, Night Bundle, which used to offer 1Gig for only $50 has almost tripled to $120 for the same data package.

This data bundle allows users to access the internet at affordable prices between 2200hrs – 0500hrs.

The Hourly data bundles also known as Amasixty has doubled from $30 to $60.

Onefusion premium now costs $800 from $360 while it’s entry package, onefusion lite, has gone up to $250 from $100.

One-Fi packages now cost $2500, $4500 and $6000 for 25 GB, 50 GB and 80 GB respectively.

Here are the old and new prices:

Data Bundles

New Price ZWL$Old price ZWL$
Hourly 1 024 MB60.0030.00
Night Bundle (1GB)120.0050.00
Daily 30 MB25.008.70
Daily 80 MB50.0020.00
Daily 200 MB110.0040.00
Daily 480 MB220.0080.00
Daily 960 MB300.00115.00
Daily 1200 MB350.00120.00
Weekly 30 MB25.008.00 (previously 26 MB)
Weekly 60 MB45.0016.00
Weekly 160 MB120.0042.00
Weekly 350 MB240.0085.00
Weekly 700 MB400.00150.00
Weekly 5 GB1 500.00600.00
Monthly 200 MB150.0055.00
Monthly 450 MB300.00110.00
Monthly 1.5 GB800.00300.00
Monthly 3.5 GB1 400.00
Monthly 5 GB2 000.00700.00
Monthly 8 GB2 500.00


PackagePrice ZWL$
One-Fi PLus 25 GB2 500
One-Fi Ultra 50 GB4 500
One-Fi Extreme 80 GB6 000

Social Media Bundles

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ItemNew Price ZWL$Old price ZWL$
Daily 20 MB16.005.80
Daily 50 MB30.0011.00
Weekly 70 MB50.0017.00
Weekly 150 MB100.0035.00
Monthly 300 MB150.0060.00
Monthly 750 MB350.00130.00

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