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NetOne Announces New Data Tariffs


Netone state-owned telecommunication provider has increased its data tariffs becoming the second mobile operator to increase following the recent threshold increase by Potraz.

Potraz increased the threshold for tariffs from 15cents to 23cents per megabyte against the background of a depleting economy.

Voice tariffs are pegged at $1.42 Netone to Netone, local SMSs are now 0.38 cents , international SMSs being$2.49.

For data charges, Netone subscribers are paying $0.29cents whilst Econet $0.30 cents, a marginal difference.

Netone WhatsApp monthly bundles for 400mb are pegged at $50 whilst Econet bundles are costing $64 for the same bundle package, the weekly WhatsApp bundle for Netone is costing $10 for 70mb, for Econet subscribers they get 65mb for the $10.

Since last year mobile operators have been increasing tariffs siting the deteriorating economy.

MondayBlues ICT Ministry sleeping on international super gateway traffic.

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