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NetOne and Econet Review Bundles

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe has reviewed voice, SMS, and data bundles with effect from today, March 10, which is in line with the regulatory-approved rates last August.
Econet  Wireless Zimbabwe  Daily 1 g data  bundle now costs

Netone Hourl Bundle

The adjustment follows when the state-owned mobile network operator NetOne raised bundle prices last week.
Netone  1.2 Gig data bundle  now costs $480 rtgs 
On Monday, March 8, Econet had already sent a message to its subscribers that it will be reviewing its bundle in two days time.
“Dear Customer, kindly take note; Voice, Data & SMS promotional bundle prices will be reviewed on 10.03.21. Visit”
  However the only left telecommunication company, Telecel Zimbabwe is also expected to raise its tariffs soon as the industry faces feasibility challenges.
Market analysts believe that the new bundle price does not reflect costs and does not allow companies to prevent and offset the negative effects of hyperinflation.

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