Netone and Africom Finally Interconnecting


By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

It is now finally possible to call direct any Netone number from the VoIP based network Africom and vice versa as the two entities finally sealed the deal after years of “implementation”.

This comes as a major relief to subscribers as another possibility has just been availed to them completing the circle as Africom can now interconnect to all the countries` three mobile network operators.

Speaking to the Africom Marketing Manager, Mr Prosper Mutswiri said,” we are very excited with the development. Now that we have completed the puzzle of our interconnection process, we expect more value to our customers. We know our customers have been waiting for this for a long time but oh well, it has happened.”

Africom did not give any details why it took so much time to interconnect with Netone after it had successfully done so with the other players few years back.

Mr Mutswiri only said “We would like to thank all stakeholders involved in facilitating this process especially our friends, Netone.”

For years now, Africom has been offering the most affordable way to communicate voice as it uses internet protocol (VoIP) against the GSM networks.

“Remember our voice services are the cheapest buy birth. We are born converged and we only offer voice services at 6cents to Africom numbers and only 12cents to any other network” noted Mutswiri.

Netone is currently also on a serious promotion giving away 8hours of Free talk from a $1 top up plus the extra minutes on the actual dollar to call across network at the prevailing rates.

In total Netone is offering a crazy promotion of total 650 minutes from a single dollar talk time making it the unbeatable promotion so far in the season.

Africom said the process took long due but we are happy we finally arrived and we are all happy because we both needed each other in order to fully complete the process of value addition to our customers.

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