NetOne 5gig Anniversary Bundle Best Deal In Town So Far


NetOne is currently offering a huge promotion of 5gig for a paltry 500 RTGS, and yes this has been the biggest data promo ever in Zimbabwe, yet very few subscribers could be aware of this.

Zimbabwe Mobile Network Operators have never been generous with their data bundles, Locally the current data promotion is way lower than the regional offerings, but for a time now, we just have to appreciate the goodies.

While its very easy for us bloggers and tech analysts to complain and cry out when promotions expire, I will take this time to appreciate the biggest data promo ever to hit the Zimbabwean market .

The NetOne Anniversary bundle which is accessible via their main *171# menu lasts for 25 hours, which is the best deal for those who really need to get critical huge files in a short space of time.

Of course, the bundle is very popular with new media houses live streaming and those downloading huge files, while admittedly the bundle has not been constricted and still delivers super speeds one would still get under the same network.

We strongly hope that the NetOne team will not temper with this priority list and allow the subscriber to enjoy the festive season and offerings while they last, good as it is.

While we greatly appreciate this bundle, our fellow countrymen in Zambia and South Africa are still enjoying much cheaper bundles and many variations as far as data bundles are concerned and we hope that competition will spoil us for choice.


For as little as 10 kwacha, one gets a1gig daily data bundle in Zambia, 16.5 cents kwacha is equavalent to USD $1 meaning 1gig in Zambia  is around  60cents USD cents meaning  in  Zimbabwe  the same  60 cents  will  give  you $140 rtgs which does not qualify for any daily bundle  while our  1g is avarage  $900rtgs


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