National ICT Draft Policy Discussion Resumes

After last year`s marathon towards the New ICT Policy draft, and the successive successful national consultations and validation of the ICT Policy spearheaded by the then ICT Minister Hon Nelson Chamisa, It Is encouraging that finally the stakeholders have resumed talks on completing the journey.

The ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (ICTSAZ) chairman Mr Harold Muvuti has announced that talks to complete the consultations and finalisations of the draft policy have resumed to complete the process that has stretched over two years now.

Mr Harold Muvuti

These are efforts towards a new framework policy to replace the more than 10 year old ICT policy which is currently operational.

In 2012 I gave you the updates in phases with national consultations at province level via our print partners till the validation process.

The validation process had produced this ICT policy Draft

Back then the reigning ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa highlighted that the policy drafting should be expedited so that the final draft is presented to the Cabinet before the end of the year. Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting Minister Chamisa said the new ICT policy was crucial, as it will buttress the country’s achievements in ICTs.
ICT Policy review Zimbabwe

The targets were ambitious but failed to beat the deadline and we are excited to see the new developments towards completing the job and giving the sector a new ICT policy.

In an ICT Suppliers of Zimbabwe invites you to join in the We feel the industry needs to meet and give its contributions to the policy as well as discuss the current status of the ICT industry in Zimbabwe as we are of the opinion that the process of finalising the ICT Policy will be incomplete without your explicit input.

In a statement the ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (ICTSAZ) invited delegates for a workshop aimed at accomplishing the finalisation of the Draft National ICT Policy Framework 2012 and ensure its alignment with Zim Asset for an empowered society and a growing economy.

The event will be on the 6th of March 2014 8am – 5pm and 7th of March 2014 8am – 1pm at Royal Golf Club.

Entry charges will be US $20.00 per head with lunch and teas provided.

Nicole Madziwa

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