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Nando’s Celebrates Chicken Grillers – Nandos Mgt


Nandos Management has emphasized the importance of their Takeaways tradition of celebrating the people who make their chicken edible for their customers through a Grillers Challenge competition.

  • Speaking exclusively to TechnoMag, Nandos South Africa management led by Kerry Schroeder said
    “The most amazing humbling experience to be in Zim and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.”

Also speaking exclusively to TechnoMag on the sidelines of a recent Grillers Challenge or competition, Nandos Operations manager Xolisani Gama complemented what his boss Kerry Schroeder said, “Nando’s grillers challenge is back and it’s bigger and better, as it will be going international next year when Zimbabweans will join the rest of the grillers from across the globe.”

Gama said, “The top two grillers will represent the country.”

This and much more was revealed at the Nando’s national grillers challenge finals held Thursday at the Avondale Nando’s in Harare.

Nando’s marketing manager Sandiswe Bhule said that the challenge was not only focused on the competition part but celebrating the people who make the chicken and the Nando’s

“We were celebrating the people who make the chicken, who are our grillers. It was an opportunity for them to show the people how well they make the chicken. We allocated them numbers, so each person grills one and half kg of chicken. They were judged on what the chicken looked like, what it tastes like, and if they are a brand fit because we have a brand that should be maintained. We had a lot of support from the Nando’s Casas across the nation. We were celebrating our standards and the people who make the chicken,” said Bhule.

A griller from Nando’s Victoria Falls came first in the 2022 Nando’s grillers challenge, with the first runner up going to Nando’s Pomona from Harare and the second runner up coming from the hosts Nando’s Avondale.

Grillers were being judged on how they prepare the chicken in the kitchen and then on their cooking skills on the grill.

To further complement his Marketing Manager, Nando’s operations manager Xolisani Gama also thanked the judges who were judging the whole process, the quality of the chicken, the grilling and the delivery adding that the grillers challenge was back after a two year break with local winners going to compete internationally with grillers from other countries.

“The competition started on Monday and we had participants from all the 14 Nando’s Casas across the nation. The grillers grilled 22,5 kg of chicken. On Thursday we had 16 finalists,” he said.

“This competition is as old as Nando’s but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had taken a two-year break. But now it’s back and we can’t wait to send our top two winners to represent Zimbabwe in the international competition. We started nationally, we will go regionally then internationally in that order,” said Gama.

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