Muzinda Umuzi Hub Hackathon, Day 2 Final Touches!

Its day 2 now and we are seeing these techies still working on their code. The last time we were doing them video interviews way after midnight and they all looked , fresh, upbeat and determined to sail through till dawn.

Its yet another day, probably after a few dozes, here and there, but the contestants have soldiered on and almost ready to pitch up now.

[c attid=”6790″ aption id=”attachment_6790″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]Muzinda Umuzi hackathon harare 1 Muzinda Umuzi hackathon harare 1[/caption]
This is a hackathon where coders are supposed to identify solutions in education which they can solve using technology.

We had done them an interview after midnight, and all the groups said in brief what they are doing, how they expect to solve their problems and their basic progression so far.

Its almost pitch up time and we are about to hear more from the players themselves.

Here is more in pictures from our facebook page.

here is more in pictures from the technoprenuers.

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