IwayAfrica (Mweb) deliberately “dupes” Unsuspecting Clients.


Tongai Mwenje
IwayAfrica, the new brand which took over Mweb Zimbabwe has been reported to have “duped” unsuspecting clients by giving  them a damp squib as they , find new ways to discard off their unwanted internet dongles.

A disappointed Winner, has contacted TechnoMag and complained that iwayAfrica has awarded winners  more than 20 dysfunctional branded data modems,  misleading the winners that they can use them on their network.

This “hoax” happened at the recent prestigious Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournamant KITF, where IwayAfrica presented  branded  data modems to winners which are  reported not  to support  by their network.
TechnoMag has also learnt that the IwayAfrica branded  modems did not have any supporting Sim cards in them to run on their own network,  unless they had built in lines, meaning surely it was a foul play by the ISP as they are not supporting the technology on their network.

“We were meant to believe that these dongles were plug and go and had extra data bundles,  it is disappointing to note that I can not even use the dongle, although I did not pay for it, I feel that I have  been cheated.” said one of the winners.

This however simply means the dongles, if they are CMDA capable may work with the local networks  like Africom and Powertel which supports the same technology and GSM dongles may work with Telecel, Econet or Netone  networks.

Further investigation by TechnoMag revealed that the dongles were part of a flopped deal which IwayAfrica tried to introduce to run on some local Internet Access Provider at $25 per Gig, a deal which local players turned down, virtually making the dongles useless to IwayAfrica, a source revealed.

If That’s True, We suspect this is the main reason why IwayAfrica would rather “Dump” them out instead of continuing to hold on to them.

We have not yet contacted the IwayAfrica over this weekend  for comment and hope to update with more details soon, since the contact numbers on their website are not being answered.

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