Muzinda Umuzi Technology Hub Goes Live, Day 1

Zimbabwe`s first technology  hub to go live, Muzinda Umuzi here in Vainona, Capernaum  Trust- Harare, coders are already getting down to business as they explore, exchange and learn much more exciting curves of Zimbabwe technology.

We managed to get one on one video interviews with all the groups and individuals involved who are contesting for the multi awards at stake, it is quiet inspiring to watch the youthful acts all seem so fresh and as for now  its just  after midnight but passion and persistence  have gotten the best out of them, beating the need for sleep.

Muzinda Umizi hub, is a technology hub or  incubator. A place that is set for local technology players to develop and nurture talent.  One of the reps here mentioned that this will be home to technology development where startups can brainstorm and create bespoke technology to solve our daily technological problems.

Thumbs up to Muzinda Hub for bringing our technoprenuers together and help them identify their talents in a much more interactive and creative environment.

This time around, the hackathon is only focused on creating educational apps that will solve our day to day problems.


The contestants are motivated, fired up and ready to go!

Here is more of the Hackathon in Video plus many more other videos here

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