Muzinda Umuzi Technology Hub, And The Winners Are..

Well first and fore most I would not want to say it all ends well, rather let me say it has just began.

What started as a “nightathon” Hackathon challenge, spilling to the late hours of the next day finally shows the fruits of the hard work.

I would say everything has just began since this was not just a challenge but rather , the birth of a technology startup hub that will continuously support and nurture the growth of technology Zimbabwe.

This was a fundamental missing piece of the puzzle and we say well done to the organisers and the brains behind the Muzinda Umuzi hackathon.

Ofcourse there was a challenge to kickstart the event, motivate the youths and crank creativity out of them.

More than 40 people came and pitched up totalling to almost 10 or so groups and individual as they all battled it to get the top prize of the day and the race was well run.

there were mainly judged on quality of the solution, its complexity plus the sustainability and relavance o the community.

pitch up muzinda umuzi hub
Congrats to iDzidzo, this group was chosen the best above all the contestants, maybe for creativity but I would give them much more points on presantability. The young lad would sell snow even to the Iskimo Ice man.

Here is the video we did the group before they pitched up so that you understand more on their idea and how they want it executed.

A rep from the group said “ learning sucks” how about introducing a new way of learning that will make it much more exciting and interesting.

They got 2 memory sticks and 2 Huawei 7 Slim Tablets as the top award.
The runner ups were Nsquared –literally representing Nyasha and Nyash they got (2 branded USB sticks 2 smartphones)

BIT group also got – solar lantern plus 3 dongles and one smartphone)

Share-ad – most promising team (one year access to the hub for free plus a lantern from Econet)

Well this youthful participant, a form 6 student came through the whole night and brought up a very creative product which needs nurturing for its growth.

Supporting creativity via technology start-ups hubs is what has made East African countries, with Kenya leading in technological developments and attracted global attention, Venture capitalists and sustainable applications which have impacted people`s lives getting birthed.

Talking of birth places, we were informed that the Muzinda Umuzi hub centre at Capernaum is the place were Zimbabwe`s biggest mobile network operator, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe was birthed.

Muzinda Umuzi Hub Hackathon, Day 2 Final Touches!

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