Muzinda Hub Expo Postponed

The highly publicized and well hyped Muzinda Hub Expo which was supposed to  be a full-day event to be hosted Celebration Center, in Harare Zimbabwe on  the 18th of March has been postponed according to their post on Facebook and Twitter.

By Delight Mawere

The Post read like this:


The expo was to give a platform to a thousand students that were trained last year  at the Hub ,an opportunity to exhibit their start-ups and  industry contributions .

Muzinda Hub is a technology hub based in Harare under the Econet Wireless  International umbrella that is focused on creating jobs through  digital skill training.The hub is mainly focused on training students from all around the country,about a thousand of student  were trained  last year  in a number of software development  languages and entrepreneurship skills in partnership  with  and Ubuntu Equity.

The expo therefore was an aim to try and create employment and opportunities for these students.

Some of the entrepreneurs  for the expo include:

1.Tony Togara founder and Lead Developer of Hurudza ,a farming mobile platform that assists farmers as they engage in their different farming disciplines with a vision of restoring Zimbabwe’s agricultural vitality.

2.Danny Zembe founder of, a business-to-business website that allows small to medium sized retailers, starting with grocery stores to order their stock directly from manufacturers.

3.Patiennce Meza founder and Lead Developer of OnlineDoctor, a platform where people can access medical advice from professional medical practitioners (i.e. Online consultation) and access online pharmacy services.

The date of the  expo which is open to everyone will be announced as soon as everything is set and ready.



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