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Mutsvangwa Blames Mugabe For Current Economic Mess As ED Dangles Title Deeds To Entice Voters


Zanu PF Secretary For Information and Publicity Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has blamed former late President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe on the country’s current woes.Mutsvangwa was addressing the media at Zanu Pf Headquarters yesterday were he categorically stated Mugabe oversaw the destruction of a former ‘Bread basket of Africa’, former ‘Jewel of Africa’ by giving his corrupt ministers and cronies access to public funds and minerals.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said, “President Mnangagwa comes back and restores the central mantra of the revolutionary party, deliver prosperity. That is why our economy is growing at 5.2% and that is why with title deeds it will jump to double digit growth. Watch it, this is a big bang theory,” he said.

Reference to title deeds being offered is a vote buying gimmick by Mutsvangwa and the ruling party.Recently President Mnangagwa’s son Tongai Mnangagwa who is Member of Parliament for Harare South made these revelations to desperate home seekers from his constituency whom he offered title deeds for the controversial land they occupy.Most of this land were farms illegally dispossessed from white commercial farmers which both the first and second republic failed to capitalize on by making the land productive and profitable through farming.

After failing to maintain Zimbabwe as the bread basket of Southern Africa, the Zimbabwe government has illegally become the biggest land baron seizing land which they invaded at the turn of 2000 and failed to utilize for commercial purposes which now they are regularizing squatters who are Zanu Pf supporters by offering them a bribe through title deeds to vote them in the upcoming by-elections and next year 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary, Council and Senatorial elections.

The 5,2% is in reference to finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s 2022 projections while his big bang theory is a new initiative by the ruling party to give urbanites title deeds to their previously contested homes and hope loans taken to build or rebuild them will spur economic growth.

Mutsvangwa believes Zimbabwe will achieve double digits growth by the end of 2022.

Critics have already bemoaned Mutsvangwa for shifting blame to a man who has been long gone four economic years led by Mnangagwa and who is also six feet under.Animosity brew between Mugabe and the West worsening the country’s prospects of growth, resulting in a decade long economic meltdown that came after an Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP) in 1992 that left millions in poverty.The Mugabe government blatantly had Mnangagwa and the current cronies as Mugabe’s power behind the throne therefore it buffles the mind that the very benefactors of former President Mugabe’s cabinet are still those in power today yet denying responsibility for the status quo.

Mnangagwa has not escaped the wrath of Zimbabweans following 2,6 million votes Citizens for Coalition (CCC) leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s alleged overwhelming votes over the incumbent which were denied by embattled current Chief Justice Luke Malaba in a Supreme Court ruling that gave Mnangagwa a lease of life after defeat at the hands of a young vibrant Advocate Chamisa.Zimbabweans blame Mnangagwa for the mess they find themselves in just over four years after supporting a coup to topple Mugabe.

Inflation has been on a steep climb, unemployment levels are at their lowest, wages for civil servants were cut tremendously by Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube in 2018 after he and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Panonetsa Mangudya reintroduced the Zimbabwe dollar while the country’s human rights record has worsened.

Despite construction of the Harare to Beit-Bridge highway Mnangagwa has not been able to address most grievances aired by the general populace.

The Zanu-PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa may have exonerated the underperforming and under fire President Emmerson Mnangagwa by laying blame for Zimbabwe’s economic woes squarely on the late leader Robert Mugabe but reality on the ground speaks for itself.The buck stops with the current incumbent Mnangagwa.

Nevertheless Mutsvangwa, who was a major key player in ousting Mugabe in 2017, said Mnangagwa is trying to restore Zanu-PF’s focus on elevating lives of ordinary Zimbabweans which since independence had fallen victim to Mugabe’s maladministration.

Mutsvangwa took advantage to explain himself as he tried to water down a crisis in the education sector which has seen teachers and headmasters going on strike since opening of the first term Monday.

“Yes we have had challenges, our economy was in bad shape, the first republic forgot that their purpose was to deliver prosperity as part of the Zimbabwe revolution,” Mutsvangwa said.

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