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Multiple Ecocash accounts to be permanently deleted

Mobile money wallet Ecocash has announced that all multiple account holders will be deleted from the system after 25 September 2020.

Customers with multiple Ecocash lines are being required to choose one which will become their primary Ecocash line

Ecocash had set the deadline at 6 September but quite a number of people were not aware and did not comply, while other customers had lines closed whilst holding funds.

In a notification to customers the mobile money wallet announced that , “ Urgent, you have not moved your funds from your line you did not select as your primary Ecocash line ,Kindly move the funds by September 25 before the line is deleted.”

Ecocash customers can move their funds to a selected primary account , Dial*150# ,Select option 3 (EcoCash Line Selection, Select your primary EcoCash wallet to keep, Confirm.

The delete on Ecocash accounts follows government directive on Mobile players that banned owing of more than one mobile money wallet per individual.

The ban was put in place to curtail illegal forex trading dealings that were being harboured by use of multiple personal Ecocash lines.

While customers are now entitled to one Ecocash account they are also limited on their transactions with the daily transaction limit being pegged at ZWL$5000.

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