Mthuli Ncube Still Tabling Auditor General Chiri Report Before its Public


The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon, Prof Mthuli Ncube is said to be responsible for delaying the Auditor General chiri report from being mde public in parliament first because he is still studying it.The Auditor General, Mildred Chiri’s 2019 and 2020 reports will soon be released and, judging by the content of her previous reports, Government and all stakeholders will need to take seriously her diagnosis and advised prognosis.

Last week, she intimated that all is almost set for the tabling of her report in Parliament. The report is said to be currently with the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, who is now expected to table it before Parliament. The advent of Covid-19 delayed processes last year. She is required to present it by June 30 every year.

To some the delay was a blessing in disguise for they are only too aware of their shenanigans while to others the wait has been too long.

The auditor general’s reports have highlighted some of the country’s worst vices and also offered workable, attainable and profitable solutions that can be put to good and effective use.

Primary functions of the auditor general’s office include investigations into transactions concerning public money. It checks spending of public funds and resources, assessing if these were allocated towards the intended purposes. Section 309 of the Constitution mandates the AG to prepare and submit a report of all Government boos to the Minister of Finance, who then tables it in Parliament.

By carrying out these annual audits, the AG assists Parliament to hold to account and call to account all persons entrusted with the management of public funds.

The reports have in the past exposed rampant financial mismanagement, impropriety and failure to follow laid down tender procedures by Government institutions.

It is for such obvious reasons that the report elicits keen interest, not just among the fundis but the public at large.

The economy of any country literally hinges on how ministries and government departments allocate and manage resources, hence there is a need to pay close and particular attention when reports such as these are published.

Previous reports have highlighted rampant corrupt activities in most ministries and Government departments in the allocation of resources, with millions of dollars diverted for personal gain at the expense of national development.

Unfortunately not much action has been taken to bring culprits to book but it appears to be a different ball game now.

Mildred Chiris’report must not stay a day longer with Mthuli Ncube otherwise we may think he is warning his friends in advance.However as a fundi and a man with a vision we expect Mthuli to also do the right thing as he has done so with the transitional strabilization programme TSP and the current National Development Strategy 1.

Ross Moyo

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