Motorola Unveils Enterprise Product Ranges in Zimbabwe.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
The Motorola Sub Sahara Africa team touched down in Zimbabwe to unveil their product ranges and gave insights on the launch of their enterprise contender device the, Motorola TC55 enterprise smartphone at Miekles Hotel Harare.

Motorola has been in business since 1930 targeting mainly the enterprise mobility sector with government and the enterprise as their major targeted clientele base with a vision to be the leading global provider of mission-critical communications for government and enterprise customers.
motorolla launches enterprise solutions in zimbabwe,Harare at Meikles4
Contrary to what most people thought, Motorola was not here in Harare to launch any device that will be a contender against the mainstream brands, with the likes of Samsung, Apple amongst others, infact they said that is a business they sold to Google years back.
motorola zimbabwe robert carloss demos
Speaking during a meet the press session, Mr Carlos Ferraz, The General Manager for Motorola solutions Africa Enterprise South Africa & Sub Sahara Africa said they will not be interested into looking at the consumer market but rather concentrate in their area of interest which mainly the government and enterprises .

“We would rather put our focus and effort in a territory that we have always had an interest in instead of jumping to the consumer market, we sold out our mobile cellular business to Google and its an area we are not interested in encroaching”, he said.

Probably this is the major reason why most end user consumers are no longer seeing the brand visible here in Africa as it was at the height of the introduction of mobile phones in the early 90s of the growth of technology in Zimbabwe.

The general manager said that Motorola is committed to Africa and has been having its presence here for 45 years now.
motorola zimbabwe event

Their business strategy in Zimbabwe will be based in clinching local partnership deals with other Zimbabwean technology players launching new enterprise mobility products.

Traditionally Westcon is the official distribution strategic partner for Motorola and it will be handling that part of the business plus support and training of the products.
robbie Scott Westcon

Mr Robbie Scott with Westcon revealed that they are not here to dump enterprise products to the market and go but have been around for years in the market and are supporting and backing up with warranty.

Motorola has also revealed a variety of devices they are going to be pushing into the enterprise market for government and the corporate world.

These are gadgets definitely going to be used where our own android tabs and smartphones can not operate especially in real work environment with harsh conditions.

motorola tablet Zimbabwe ipad
The Motorola tabs can also be used in rainy conditions, drop and pick up without any hardware failures, infact during a demo mr Carloss literally threw the devices on walls to prove how rigoured and robust the gadgets are.

The Motorola tabs and phones went through an actual rigorous test where we literally tossed, hit and kicked the tabs, probably what we lacked was water to actually immense the gadgets but for record sake, these are the industrial devices that trully goes where no any other tablets or smartphones would.

Motorola today showcased their yet to be launched Motorola TC55, the real cool smartphone ideal for the work environment as it virtualizes an office.
motorola zimbabwe robert carloss demos

The full kit actually allows the user to scan bar codes even in a rainy environment, touch screen with with winter gloves communicate back to and forth with a remote , LAN or WAN server, clear screen angles from a reasonable distance, track and trace capability, swipe online payment capabilities plus an on-demand receipt printing.

These are ideal products to connect our enterprise market the smart way with no worries about durability and stability and Motorola also revealed that these are products meant to run for over 3 years without any urgent need to release the next brands.

Here is more in Video here where we did a one on one interview plus actual rigorous tests on their new tablets.

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