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More than 21 British MPs Resign


More than twenty-one British Member of Parliament have resigned over vote no confidence in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leadership.

The amass resignation was triggered by Johnson’s recent appointment of a controversial public figure Chris Pincher as chief whip.

Pincher is alleged of a sexual misconduct where he is said to have groped two men at a private club.

This move led to be resignation of the most important British lawmakers, Treasury Chief Rish Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

Javid in his resignation letter said, “the leadership was not acting in the national interest”.

Whilst Sunak said the government was not acting in the way that was expected by the public.

The MPs are questioning why Johnson appointed Pincher as the chief whip despite knowing allegations against him.

Johnson later admitted that he made a wrong move of appointing Pincher at that post.

However, Johnson authority had already been questioned when he received a vote of no confidence last month, where he received 41% of Conservation votes to remove him from office but Johnson survived.

His relationship with the lawmakers was also damaged by the Partygate scandal and unhappiness over tax rises.

Despite the resignation from other MPs, Foreign Secretary and potential leadership challenger Liz Truss have rallied around Johnson.

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