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Moovah Unveils 30% Insurance discount For Senior Citizens.


Moovah has unveiled a 30% insurance discount for the elderly community in Zimbabwe with immediate effect upon renewal.

The discount is entitled to any individual who is 55 years and above for motor vehicle, legal, personal effects, home and household insurance.
While many may have wondered why just this specific age group, it is common cause and makes better business sense since the risk profile for senior citizens is generally low, considering that oftentimes their cars are parked or when they drive, they are extra cautious on the road.

This makes the particular age group of great interest, while also protecting them from possible overcharging, as they naturally under use various services, hence they are given a lower premium.

Besides the 30% waiver on insurance premiums for senior citizens, there is also convenience to renew insurance from the comfort of their homes through the mobile phones, cutting down the daily hassles of queuing at various traditional points. Moovah will be delivering insurance discs to clients at no extra charge.
This also comes safer in these challenging times of Covid 19, where there are risks and threats of contracting the disease due to unnecessary movements, where one could have
easily done this remotely.

Moovah is also offering the following complimentary benefits:
FREE MARS Emergency Services in the event of an emergency or accident,
b. A 10% no claims bonus and this can accumulate up-to 50%- if they are not involved in an accident, every year they get a 10% discount for accident free driving that is knocked off from their premiums,
c. AAZ Roadside Assistance and
. Earn an extra income, when they refer someone to sign up for the product- this is 10% of the premiums paid by the referred friend or relative.

New and existing clients who would want to benefit from this product and other extra services can simply do so by dialling *901# or via email
[email protected] .

This is a commendable move by Moovah adding convenience and value to various customers as they continuously improve on delivery mechanisms, which are being championed on the bedrock of technological channels.

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