#MondayBlues: ZRP Traffic Should Be Armed With Swiping Machines .

I am waiting for that day when it will actually be deemed illegal to pay any police officers using cash and plastic or mobile money would be the only payment method on the road. I believe this could be Zimbabwe’s card out of corruption. The recent proposed move to introduce swipe machines at police stations is commendable even though these are needed more on roads or highways to retain public confidence.

Mondayblues crew had a pleasant , uninterrupted long drive from home all the way to Bulawayo, we almost forgot that we were in Zimbabwe because we did not see our “hard working “ traffic officers flagging, Thanks to the rains, otherwise we would have seen them on their busy spike wielding daily routine.

Speaking of traffic spikes, I would give $100 to anyone who sees a traffic cop manning any “Roadblock” , but without the spikes. Seriously, just send the picture and place, and you may be relieved off the January disease.

By Sting

Have you ever wondered who is manufacturing those spikes anyway, what an entrepreneurial tact. I will have to force my self back to the subject .

The ZRP is reportedly raking between $3-$7 mill million from fines every single month, but they denied this figure stating that they get only $1 million dollars, and still this is a huge figure which deserves proper accounting .

if you have ever witnessed the energy exhibited by the traffic cops to capture traffic offenders, then surely you would have many questions than answers. The motive of going an extra mile to hang on a moving offending truck, hiring of mushika shika taxes to engage in chases and of course armed with the famous spikes boggles the mind.

The motive behind all these cat and mouse games which have claimed innocent lives as sacrificial casualties in Harare , is still to be known, but when one hears of millions being raked, you begin to connect ends.

To every socio economic problem, I’m glad there is a tech solution to solve it. Here is a simple plan and free advice to our once dear police force and their superiors, if we are to restore national confidence.


If someone pays directly to the ZRP bank or mobile money account, then even the treasury can easily audit or access these millions and the nation is rest assured that there is transparency.

This simple move can only be achieved by making sure that every traffic roadblock will legally not accept cash under what circumstance.

The possible solution will be having physical bank agents, POS Machines, Ecocash ,One Wallet or Telecash agent for anyone who may be willing to pay for fine, but only has cash with self.

Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, Commissioner-General of Police, Augustine Chihuri and Attorney-General, Prince Machaya, unanimously conceded it is unconstitutional for traffic police officers to detain and demand payment of spot fines from motorists at roadblocks.

However the appetite to demand cash on spot fines by most traffic officer is worrisome and certainly suspicious to say the least. One really wonders if they are not any leaks or back doors to personalize the funds.




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