#MondayBlues: Zimbabweans Sacrificed Econet During Data Wars.

January 2016, the month of epic data bundle wars which, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe would painfully try to forget for the next unknown years as fate, government and subscribers seemed to have ganged up against them.

If there was a way to start a year with, then definitely this one was just too much for Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network which found itself at the receiving end of all blames and faults they really never authored.

If there was a year Econet Wireless Zimbabwe was supposed to collapse on subscriber base and public confidence, then 2017 would be a year they would want removed from the Gregorian calendar.

Emotions went berserk, as Econet Wireless ended up writing statements, which they often do not, or they are not supposed to.

What I personally think was a straw that broke the camel’s back was their letter which was meant to show compassion and understanding to the public. This one was the only trigger point, which drove the whole sector crazy before the nation went into a national emotional roller coaster.

Telecel had officially terminated their data bundles. They did not have any data bundles to offer which means they were running on $1 based tariff, which offered less than 10mb.

Why was there no mention that anyone on Telecel was using direct airtime to access internet, no uproar, tweet or concern was ever raised about this.


NetOne had already switched on 17mb per dollar bundle, after terminating the $1 per 270mb, it was running and available during and after the furore but no one mentioned it. The only difference was a 7mb which made NetOne slightly cheaper but still this is a meager difference not to mention they still had the one fusion going. 

Econet offered a paltry 10mb plus extra 10mb of their hotspot meaning in total it was 20mb, Technically there were the cheapest but the nation was up in arms against them.

 However, Econet seemed too excited to run the new tariff by implementing a rather lower package. The government’s agreement was that they could choose to bill anything not more than 50mb, I don’t know why Econet chose to go public with 10mb when they could start with the ceiling 50mb they chose the floor tariff.

Considering that Econet had been offering a 250mb bundle, they should not have had a problem offering 50mb to start with. This way their point was going to be more clear and acceptable, and probably more sympathy would have come their way.

Be as it may be, the noise and furore was just unjustifiable, you may want to know more on these 10 strange facts about Zimbabwe data bundle war, this is an eye opener.



#MondayBlues: 10 Interesting Facts About Zim Data Price Wars

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