#MondayBlues: Zim Gvt To Ban Whatsapp and Data Bundles, Manages Flow Of Information

Recently the state controlled telecommunications regulator, Potraz denied the renewal of mobile network promotions after they expired which ultimately banned the Econet bundles of Joy, the Telecel Mega and the NetOne promotions as well.

However the move is just but a tip of the iceberg as the state will soon be extending the ban to data based services, especially data and whatsapp bundles a source divulged to #MondayBlues.

“Remember Potraz serves the interest of the government, which was elected by a political party, and once the party begins to see careless and irresponsible communication, it is only prudent to protect its interest “ said a source


The source which can not be named for obvious reasons also emphasised that the government of any day will only be responsible to make sure that they are no loopholes which its detractors may use to destabilise it.


Access cost to communication in Zimbabwe has drastically reduced as the government allowed telecommunication players to self regulate through competition, a move which admittedly has come back to bite them.


All data promotions will not be renewed when their shelf life expires as government moves in to control how subscribers share and disseminate information online.


Lately Zimbabwe has seen resurgence of online activism and cyber protest overflowing to the streets which Potraz was quick to warn Zimbabwean subscribers against social media abuse and the repercussions of doing so.


The stronghold area for the ruling party is the rural area, which has more than 60% of the population, which to date has access of only 2.5g network, meaning they basically can access voice network and basic internet, hence the voice promos termination were a high priority.


Potraz however denied the speculation and maintained that the promotions simply expired and they have just not renewed them, without stating any reasons why they cant and will not renew the promotions.


Surprisingly all the mobile network operators rushed to the media and distanced themselves from the promotion termination, openly accusing the regulator for denial of promotion extension, making the whole agreement suspicious.


Another source close to the matter however scoffed at the operators as cry babies looking for public sympathy as they had numerous meetings with Potraz and were well informed of the position that their promotions were not going to be extended.




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