#MondayBlues: Will The New ZACC Prosecute Supa As Kangai Refuses To Die

The case between fired NetOne CEO Reward Kangai against former ICT Minister Supa Mangdiwanzira is that of sour grapes, very sour indeed, but once more again its a litmus test for the newly enacted Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission.

The last time Reward Kangai brought his charges to ZACC against the then ICT minister, the script was flipped, and in no time, Reward Kangai himself was found behind bars, in a matter the state has failed to prosecute him.

Currently, Kangai’s case is still open, but the state continuously pushes it further, with all relaxed conditions, seemingly it may die a natural death, but Kangai is refusing to let this case die against Supa Mandiwanzira.

Kangai authored a document called #NetOne Gate: The Birth & Growth of a Cartel In The ICT Sector in Zimbabwe, in this long document, he spoke of how deeply the ICT sector has been connected by a group of less than 5 members, who run it completely under the watch of the minister.

These were written in a letter addressed to the newly enacted president E D Mnangagwa, but Kangai was very unlucky, 5 days after he was in fact charged and arrested.

Themba Mliswa added to this controversial matter when he challenged President Mnangagwa to fire the ZACC chairperson Goodson Nguni for being corrupt, in fact, he actually said Nguni was handsomely paid by Supa Mandiwanzira for his protection hence they attacked Kangai.

Conveniently as soon there a new anti-corruption commission enacted, Reward Kangai filed his papers again with them. He is optimistic that they will have a relook into them.

He wants to give the commission another chance as he points out serious corruption charges against his ex-boss. When we spoke to him, he said he had done his part to provide enough evidence against corruption.

The question is will this new commission entertain Kangai?

Are we going to see a fresh case being pursued against Supa Mandiwanzira. He has once again revived this matter, which is a litmus test for the anti-corruption commission

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