#MondayBlues: We Will Fire Incompetent Employees At TelOne – Chipo Mutasa

 TelOne Boss, Chipo Mutasa  said she will not hesitate to crack whip and give packing orders to incompetent employees speaking exclusively to TechnoMag  after the recently held e-Tech Africa Expo , as the enterprises is currently going through convergence and  major technological shifts.

While she may had taken a soft stance previously amidst massive  industrial job losses, this time she made a shift clearly stating  that the parastatal will start firing incompetent people and has already started making critical changes to align the brand with the vision through restructuring at TelOne which saw several changes on the managerial structure.

By Shingie Levison Muringi 

She was however quick to highlight that the recent managerial restructuring was not implemented as a disguised way of cutting off jobs but rather a strategic move designed to make the parastatal flexible in decision making processes.

“We are excited about our Transformation Strategy and the changes  taking place are in line with this Strategy. This entails shift from having functional operating departments into focused operating business units. This I must say is in line with Global best practice and we want to ensure that we deliver best value to Clients across the Board. – Chipo Mutasa”


TelOne agents marketing the Operator’s recently deployed Public Wifi Hot Spots

The once beleaguered parastatal is fast becoming into a Strategic Business Unit under her leadership. TelOne is well known for its Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as its main trademark but a lot of strategic business planning has been happening since Chipo Mutasa took charge which even saw the telecoms operator revamping it’s core network through a fibre optic backbone setup.

She went on to say that this move was driven to give better focus and improved capacity to serve different market segments. She added that the restructuring was not meant to remove positions but ensuring that there is better operational acumen and focus.

But like any other changes that happen across all businesses, Chipo Mutasa said TelOne at the moment is looking to people with the right skills so that the transformation process starts yielding results soon rather than later. So whoever is caught sleeping on duty or tend to have inadequate skills to make meaningful contributions will be dismissed so as to give chance to those who have better ideas.

TelOne remains a very critical division of the government in these rapidly evolving digital times where its products are being consumed in every government sector. The parastatal is well known for its fashionable fixed telephone network which span across almost every corner of the country. TelOne has been innovative enough to use its public switched telephone network to deploy Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) based Internet services throughout the country but the technology is now being out shined by Liquid Telecom’s fiber optic broadband solutions being offered though ZOL’s fibroniks packages.

Telone Fiber Laying Team

TelOne technicians laying fiber optic cables in one of Harare’s low density suburbs recently

To keep up with the battle for relevance, TelOne has since then started deploying Fiber-To-The-Home to counter competition as fiber broadband packages continue to hit the market as recently witnessed by Powertel’s entry into the same Fiber Optic powered market.

The advantage which TelOne holds over its rivals is the parastatal’s affordable pricing strategy. TelOne currently holds the cheapest ADSL broadband packages going for $15 and $25 with even better improved speeds that are very close to matching up with ZOL’s fibroniks. However their infrastructure is not a complete optical ring as compared to that of Liquid Telecom but with the continuous strategic planning from Chipo Mutasa’s team, we are likely to see a very interesting battle in the Internet Services market

#MondayBlues will continue dissecting and unearthing all the behind the scenes activities for you. Most of you may think #MondayBlues is about publishing scandals that happen in the ICT sector but definitely not true! The main goal is to advocate for a level playing field in the sector and we also acknowledge good work like what Chipo Mutasa and team have been doing.     .


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